GWT not working on Internet explorer 7 (IE7) giving “Element not found” javascript error

Posted: Monday,January 10, 2011 in Technology
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GWT web application started to give “Element not found” javascript error message on Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)? This application worked fine on Internet Explorer 6and Firefox 2. Now your best guess would be; GWT not working on IE 7 properly. Wasn’t it?

But the scenario became confusing and unbelievable because your applicationworked fine on IE7 in some machines while not on some others. Have you faced this issue? Then the below solution is for you.

This issue can be fixed by a making a change on windows registry.

Steps to follow are;
1. Open up the Registry editor – type regedit on command prompt.

2. Look for the key shown below


3. Click on the “Default” row and see the value there. If it’s value is “C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdocvw.dll”, then that is what causes the above mentioned issue. If you have installed Windows in a different drive; C:\ must be replaced with the that letter.

4. Replace that value with “C:\WINDOWS\system32\ieframe.dll”.

5. Now restart IE7, and load your GWT application.





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