Data Dictionary Using Query SQL

Posted: Tuesday,May 12, 2009 in SQL 2005

select distinct,,, a.max_length,c.precision, c.scale
from sys.columns a left join sys.objects b
on a.object_id = b.object_id
left join sys.types c
on c.system_type_id = a.system_type_id
and c.user_type_id = a.user_type_id

Having A Nice Try… ^^

Good Luck

  1. layyuddi says:

    wah untuk yg skripsi udah terlanjur buat phisical database, bisa dibuat kamus datanya nih

  2. wihemdra says:

    sir, yes sir. Jadi inget masa2 ngerjain data dictionary waktu skripsi…><"

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